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New Survey Reveals Most Dads Wish They Were Spending More Time With Their Kids

Per the results, 63 percent of dads believe they are spending too little time with their kids.

Over the past several decades, the majority of fathers have made huge strides in shedding the hapless dad stereotype and taking their role much more seriously. But a new survey from the Pew Research Center shows the majority of fathers still don’t feel like they’re doing as much as they should when it comes to raising their kids. The survey, which was conducted in August and September of last year, found that 63 percent of dads believe they are spending too little time with their kids, while just 36 percent say they are spending the right amount of time with their kids.

The same survey revealed that mothers are still carrying the majority of the parenting burden, as only 35 percent of moms said they were spending too little time with their children. In fact, 12 percent of moms worry they spend too much time parenting. Overall, 47 percent of parents think they don’t spend enough time raising their kids while 45 percent believe they are spending the right amount of time.

Fathers without a bachelor’s degree or higher are especially likely to feel they’re failing to be around their children enough, as 69 percent said they’re spending too little time with their kids. In contrast, only 50 percent of dads with a college degree felt they should be with their kids more. In contrast, moms with a bachelor’s degree or more were more likely to feel they aren’t parenting enough (39 percent) than moms without a degree (33 percent).

The biggest obstacle dads face in terms of spending sufficient time with their kids continues to be work, as 62 percent of fathers identified “work obligations” as the primary reason for not having enough time to hang out with their children. However, 20 percent of fathers also said their primary reason was that they didn’t live with their kids full-time, highlighting the challenges parents face when they live separately from their children.