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People Are Sharing Their Parents’ Best Unintentional Burns on Twitter and It’s Hilarious

"My mother gave me a book about dating called 'Why Am I Dancing Alone?'"


A Twitter thread that is equal parts hilarious and cringe-worthy is going viral as people are revealing the absolute worst ways that their parents have accidentally (or purposefully) shamed them. “Please tell me about a time your parents unintentionally dragged you within an inch of your life,” Alanna Bennett tweeted, starting the trend.

Unsurprisingly, people were quick to offer up a variety of times that they were put on blast by the very people that raised them. And based on the responses, some of these parents should be invited to the next Comedy Central roast, as they were absolutely savage in roasting the hell out of their kids.

Bennett graciously offered to go first in the public self-shaming, as she tweeted, “Once in college my mom sent me a care package that was just acne face washes and the book He’s Just Not That Into You.” Ouch.

A lot of responses had to do with people’s marital status—or lack thereof. One woman wrote that she came for Thanksgiving one year to find on the fridge a photo of her sister and her husband, one of her brother and his wife, and then “a selfie of me that she screengrabbed and printed from my Instagram.”

Another quickly chimed in with, “My mom’s bio for her high school reunion had several sentences about my sister followed by ‘Karen isn’t married, but she does have a cat.'” To rival that, another person discussed a particularly pointed gift they received from their mom for Christmas.

Then there was the very oblivious mom who unintentionally (or perhaps intentionally) threw major shade at her daughter’s tattoo selections.

But the winner might be the grandmother who told one user “that she ‘prays everyday that I’ll get a life.'”