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Reddit Users Explain Their Jobs Using Six-Year-Old Language

This is gold.


If you asked most kids, they wouldn’t be able to actually explain what it is their parents do for a living. Hell, there are a lot of teenagers and adults who’s understanding of their parent’s job is at best, scant. The latest bit of hilarity from the parents of Reddit is actually barking right up this tree. When user husk39939 asked parents “How would you explain your job?” to a child, the responses were brilliant.

User Throwawayabc1010 came out of the gate swinging with one that was, all things considered, pretty easy to guess, but a hilarious thing to say to a child in particular.

“I clean your teeth because you won’t,” they wrote. Quite clearly this person is a dentist of some kind, but some of the other adults were still hellbent on giving the more imaginative answers. In response, one user guessed “a really weird janitor,” while another suspected that someone cleaning your teeth could be making a living as a bartender.

One lawyer used way more than six words, but interestingly enough hit the question right on the head and made his job sound almost like a kid could do it.

“I write down the promises two companies make to each other, make sure they understand them and provide them both with a copy of the papers they signed,” user PMmecrossstitch wrote.

User ICantSeeMyChin told Redditors: “I draw connect-the-dot mazes for electricity, then test them to see if they work in real life.” It sounds like he could work in IT or as a systems manager of some kind, but based on that description they could be a sort of strange performance artist as well. Still, what was perhaps the best response wasn’t as much about making their job seem easy, but rather explaining how hard it is simplistically. User agreeingstorm9 just wrote, “I accept the fact that I don’t understand my job.”  

On the other hand, there are some jobs that are so easy to explain, the simplest explanation is the only one you ever have to give.  Like when user SugarButterFlourEgg talked about being a baker. “I bake bread. One of the perks of my job is that it’s easy to explain,” they wrote.