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People Are Really Paying $25,000 for a Custom Droid at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

This was the droid they were looking for.


As much as Star Wars fans have enjoyed the thrilling rides and delicious food and drinks at Galaxy’s Edge, it’s clear that people are most excited about the awesome souvenirs you can buy. And while the custom lightsabers may cost you over $200, that’s nothing compared to the $25,000 life-size custom R-unit droid sold that is currently in Droid Depot. Along with costing the down payment on a house, the droid takes up to 90 days to be delivered and the $25,000 doesn’t include shipping costs. It’s all pretty shocking but not nearly as shocking as the fact that people actually are buying them.

According to The OC Register, Disneyland employees reported that three of the R-unit droids were sold in the first week alone. And while it may seem absurd to pay the price of a 2018 Buick Encore for something that has no real practical use, clearly, some visitors are willing to pay that price. But why? What exactly makes this specific droid worth its steep price tag?

For one thing, the droid is significantly larger than the popular 18-inch droid units which run for about $100. These R-unit droids stand at three-and-a-half feet tall, basically making them the exact size of droids like R2-D2 in the movies. But the biggest appeal for customers seems to be the level of customization and control that is available to customers. Once you’ve paid the hefty fee, you get to choose both the design and color scheme of your R-unit droid and the level of detail hardly stops there, as you can even decide if you want the droid to have a new, shiny look or have it look like it just finished up a massive space battle.

Of course, plenty of people would argue that for $25,000, you could just buy 250 of the 18-inch droids but clearly, anyone who has tens of thousands of dollars available to spend on a Disneyland souvenir probably isn’t too concerned with the practical logistics of their purchase.