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People Are Sharing Their Best Pandemic Purchases. The Answers Will Surprise You

What did you buy this year to ease pandemic stress?

Have you been participating in some pandemic shopping, i.e., buying things that you might not necessarily need, but want? The purchases that give you a boost of serotonin to help you manage the stresses of 2020? If so, you’re certainly not alone. This Reddit thread asking “What was your best purchase this year?” has gone viral for good reason, largely because many of us can relate to buying stuff for the fun of it during this truly hellish year, and perhaps because we’ve also purchased things that helped us adjust to life at home a bit better. 

The thread is a delight simply nice to see a little space for folks to share some of the things that have brought them joy this year when moments of levity have often been hard to come by. One Reddit user, u/Ouma_Shu, shared an adorable photo of a truly majestic black and white furball that they adopted during the pandemic, writing, “Def my cat 🙂 Meet Romeo.”

But in terms of more unlikely pandemic pets, u/Iwasgunna professed their love for their new chicken coop, writing, “I’m not saying it was chickens… but it was chickens,” and adding, “the best part is they are really good for my family’s mental health, just hanging out with them, which is especially needed this year.” 

Some pandemic purchases were less about furry companions and more about jumping into hobbies. U/raymichelle wrote, “An inflatable stand up paddleboard. Being able to drive to a lake and paddle around on the water for a few hours really helped me get through this year,” while one self-proclaimed 33-year-old noted, “Lego. Keeps my hands and mind busy, who cares if I’m 33.” To which one person responded: “33 year olds are their main clinetele. Who else can afford LEGO?” Which, to be honest, fair.

Others have been looking upwards at the stars. U/fractalstroke wrote, “A telescope. It’s so incredible to see Jupiter moons and Saturn. And see that there is much more in the sky than meets the eye.” According to the thread, people have also been buying some very practical things, including a washing machine so they could avoid using the laundromat, a Roomba, a squat rack, and a new bed, among other things.

It’s good to know that we’re not alone in our pandemic buys and if that new washing machine, or Roomba, or squat rack, or whatever it is is helping you keep safe and healthy and avoid spreading COVID-19 to others, then that’s important.