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The Beauty of Having a Pediatrician Who Also Makes Balloon Animals

Talk about a top-tier distraction at the doctor's office.

REDDIT MrTrevolta

The best pediatricians know how to make kids feel comfortable. If a child’s uneasy while being poked and prodded, it only makes the exam more difficult. Some doctors use a soothing voice. Others, stuffed dolls. One pediatrician recently highlighted on reddit, however, has a surefire way to relax her young patients, and it’s all thanks to a skill she learned long before medical school: she makes them balloon animals!

Reddit user MrTrevolta posted a photo of his son wearing a jetpack made entirely out of balloons this week, and the picture has quickly gone viral. Per the caption, the jetpack was crafted by his son’s pediatrician after one of their visits to her office. And it wasn’t any ho-hum balloon sculpture ⏤ a lot of detail went into this thing. There’s a pseudo gas tank with orange balloons contorted to simulate fire coming out of the bottom. Not to mention the true-to-form steering handles that wrap around for the kid to hold onto.

REDDIT MrTravolta

All of the detail had us, as well as other users, wondering: “Where did this doctor learn her balloon artistry?” “Was she once a clown? Did she work birthday parties? Does she also paint faces?”

No matter, other doctors immediately chimed in on the post to heap praise on the idea in and of itself. “I’m a physician (in an adult-oriented field) and I struggle to help my patients feel comfortable on a daily basis, but we can at least talk as grown-ups (usually),”  wrote reddit user TennMan78. “Dealing with children and their worried parents is a whole level of skill which I am unable to achieve.”

Assuming your child’s pediatrician doesn’t know how to make balloon jetpacks, the instructions can be found right here before your next appointment.