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‘Paw Patrol’ Is Ruining Halloween at Target

Sure, you can celebrate Halloween early, but at what cost?

Viacom CBS

Target is gearing up for Halloween with a totally free trick-or-treat event in stores across the country the Saturday before the big day. That’s good news for parents looking to entertain their kids on a Saturday morning and maybe get a little shopping in while they’re at it. Again, that’s the good news.

The bad news is that the theme and sponsor of this event is one of the most inane programs any kid can watch: Paw Patrol. Apparently, not content to have the monopoly on being the most irritating kids’ show on the planet wasn’t enough. Now, Paw Patrol is trying to ruin Halloween (at Target.)

As if all the constant streaming of Paw Patrol episodes, playing Paw Patrol games, using Paw Patrol school supplies, and playing with Paw Patrol toys wasn’t enough, you now how the opportunity to bring your kid to an entire event inspired by the do-gooder Canadian canines.

Now don’t get us wrong, it’s great that your neighborhood Target, as self-serving as its motives might be, is offering in-store trick-or-treating, surprise giveaways, and a special screening of an episode of the show. That all sounds like stuff your kid will love. It’s just not great that you, an adult, will be further exposed to the Paw Patrol universe. There’s only so much you can take before your mind starts to melt, buying into awful politics and/or the conspiracy theories that the show has spawned.

But you’d do anything for your kids, and if that means heading to a participating Target store on Saturday, October 26 from 10 to 1 for some fun with Ryder, Chase and the gang, then that’s the price you pay.

Make sure to grab some candy for yourself. You’ll have earned it.