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Paul Rudd Loves Showing His Kids Inappropriate Movies

His favorites include 'The Jerk', 'Stepbrothers', and 'Faces of Death.'

Late Night with Seth Meyers

One of the best parts of being a dad is showing your kids all your favorite movies. It’s a special way to connect and the right film can create a bond that lasts for decades. However, sometimes this plan backfires and you end up showing your child a movie that you forgot is a little too inappropriate for them. That’s exactly what Paul Rudd keeps doing.

Rudd appeared as a guest on Late Night with Seth Meyers and the Ant-Man actor explained to Meyers that he has a terrible habit of showing his kids movies that they are way too young to watch. It all started when he showed his then 4-year-old son Jack The Jerk, forgetting that this undisputed comedy masterpiece was rated ‘R’ for a reason. Over the years, he said, it’s only gotten worse.

In fact, he admitted to making the same mistake twice with Stepbrothers, showing it to both Jack and his daughter Darby, and forgetting both times about the scene where Will Ferrell puts his ballsack on John C. Reilly’s drum kit (not to mention the entire “Boats and Hoes” sequence). But none of these incidents compare to his admission that he showed his daughter Faces of Death, which is literally just a movie about different ways people die. Based on Rudd’s telling of these stories, however, it doesn’t seem like he scarred his kids too badly ⏤ at least they didn’t have nightmares.