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Paul Rudd Just Revealed He’s in the New ‘Ghostbusters’ in the Most Paul Rudd Way Possible

The part of a "semi-young strapping man"


Paul Rudd is sliming himself right now. On Thursday, the beloved Ant-Man actor revealed he will be joining the highly-anticipated Ghostbusters sequel due out in 2020.

Presented as a viral video on Twitter, Paul Rudd pseudo-photobombs tourists in New York City’s downtown Tribeca neighborhood, which is the location of the “real” Ghostbusters firehouse from the original 1984 film and 1989’s Ghostbusters 2. (Though the interior of the firehouse was a different firehouse in Los Angeles.)

Doing his most Paul Ruddiest-schtick ever, the actor describes his role in the new Ghostbusters as that of a “semi-young strapping man,” and tells the camera that when he was asked by Jason Reitman to join the cast of the movie he “slimed himself.”

He also closed the video by saying he is “sliming himself right now.”

Rudd’s part in the film is thought to be that of a teacher character. The new movie is a direct sequel to Ghostbusters 2 though it will take place in present-day. The film will feature a whole new crew of teenage busters, including Finn Wolfhard of Stranger Things. And, according to an interview published this month, Sigourney Weaver will return as Dana Barret, along with surviving busters, Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, and possibly, Ernie Hudson.

The new Ghostbusters will not continue the story started by the 2016 version. It will hit theaters sometime in 2020.