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Paul McCartney Is Suddenly Writing a Kids Book About a Surprising Topic

Write what you know.

Photo by Oli Gill (Wikimedia Commons)

Of all the Beatles, the one you’d most readily associate with children’s media is probably Ringo, if only because he sang “Yellow Submarine,” wrote “Octopus’s Garden” and actually starred in kids show called Shining Time Station. But now, Paul McCartney is becoming your kid’s new best friend. In 2019, he’s got a new children’s book out and it’s about a surprising topic.

On Thursday, Random House Kids revealed Paul McCartney is writing a new picture book called Hey, Grandude. If you couldn’t tell from the title, the book will be about his experiences as a grandfather. He also says he created the book to give grandparents something to read to their grandkids. In fairness, there aren’t a ton of grandfather-centric picture books out there, meaning Paul McCartney has once again located a spot where innovation is possible!

Pop music celebrities penning children’s books is nothing new exactly, but it’s usually a mixed bag. Madonna had The English Roses in 2003, and Bob Dylan had If Dogs Run Free in 2013. Will McCartney’s children’s book be a footnote like those two, or turn into a huge children’s classic? Right now, it’s way too early to tell, but you have to love Sir Paul for getting honest about where he’s at in life. He could have easily done some kind of Beatles-themed kid’s book, but he didn’t. Instead, because he’s a granddad, it seems like McCartney did what all smart writers do: write what you know.

Hey Grandude! written by Paul McCartney, with illustrations from Kathryn Durst, will be out in September of 2019.