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Patton Oswalt’s Daughter’s ‘Fart Land’ is a Flatulent Literary Masterpiece

Truly, 'Fart Land' is an exquisite piece of genre defying text that transcends most practical explanation.

Yesterday, stand-up comedian and shrewd observer of life’s withering randomness Patton Oswalt posted a picture of a short story written by his 8-year-old daughter Alice. Titled “Fart Land,” the flatulent piece of writing quickly won over millions of Twitter users. 

“Fart Land” is a one paragraph story about, well, “a land where people who fart a lot get sent to.” It’s not totally clear if when Oswalt’s daughter Alice writes “You are one of those people. So You will be sent there,” she’s speaking about her dad specifically or poking at a more meta-assessment of flatulence and our relationship to it the world at large. Nonetheless, Alice ensured any reader that, should they make it to fart land, they surely won’t be alone as “Friends can visit…you will have a great time.” Nice. 

Oswalt himself is no stranger to this kind of humor, having used his knack for nerdery, self-depreciation, and wry observation to become one of modern comedy’s most beloved presences. He also regularly does uncredited punch-up work for movies and has written for The Simpsons. Her late mother, Michelle McNamara, was also a well-respected true-crime writer. So, it’s easy to see where Alice gets her talent. 

Oswalt’s relationship with Alice as well as her humor is a huge part of his life, especially after McNamara’s unexpected death in April of 2016. Oswalt has joked that he credits Alice for stopping him from becoming a “shut-in alcoholic,” after and has used his stand-up as well as his considerable Twitter presence to work through his grief, notably incorporating a lot of his situation into his wonderful Netflix Special, Annihilation. Earlier this year, Oswalt remarried to actress Meredith Salenger, whom he met after Meredith’s death.