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This Dad Pulled Off the Most Exciting Jenga Move of All Time

This man has a steady hand.

@patmcafeeshow Instagram

If you’ve ever played Jenga, then you know all about the moment when there’s only one brick left to support all the ones above it. You know the brick has to move, but you also know that moving it without toppling the whole thing is damn near impossible. That’s what makes this dad’s feat of pure skill so wildly impressive.

In an Instagram video posted by former Indianapolis Colts kicker Pat McAfee, Pat shows his dad, Tim, during a particularly intense game of Jenga during the Easter holidays. Everyone in the video seems unsure of Tim’s ability to pull the brick out without toppling the tower over — because holy hell the current set up is wobbly — but they should have never doubted him.

After the elder McAfee nervously tapped the side of the brick twice — inching it along ever so slightly — he just walked around the other end, let out a karate yelp, and yanked the whole thing out in one go. The edifice bobbed around a little bit, but, miraculously, stayed standing. It’s a stunning achievement in the realm of Jenga. Take a look for yourself:

Whether or not you think that his style is a bit of a cheat (Gentle tapping? We say you have to pull the entire piece in one go or else it doesn’t count), you really have to marvel at how he maintained the tower’s structural integrity with his steady-handed pull. We salute you, Tim.