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Parkland Victim’s Dad Blasts Trump Administration for Allowing Plastic Gun Plans to Be Posted Online

The plans for the guns, which were set to go live on Wednesday, have been temporarily blocked from going online.


Fred Guttenberg — a dad whose daughter was one of the 17 victims in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High shooting in February of this year — just took the Trump administration to task after the government was set to allow a Texas gun-rights group called Defense Distributed to release plans for 3-D printable guns online. The plans for the gun, which is called the “The Liberator” should be posted online on Wednesday, after a five-year battle in the courts. Although the plan wasn’t supposed to be online until today, at least 1,000 people have already downloaded the instructions for the make-at-home guns.

Guttenberg was, understandably, quite angry at the administration. During a CNN appearance on Tuesday morning, he said: “What this administration did — and they did not need to do it — is they actively rolled back the public safety of citizens in the greatest way ever in my lifetime.” He also added that all of the protections that have gone into making schools more impenetrable in the face of a school shooting would be worthless if citizens can get their hands on free, downloadable plastic guns.

The plastic gun can be made out of ABS plastic, which is the same plastic that makes kids toys like Legos. The only metal parts are the firing pin and a regulatory piece of metal that allows the gun to comply with the Undetectable Firearms Act. Not only are 3D-printed guns untraceable, they also don’t have serial numbers, meaning that should they be used in a shooting, it would be impossible to trace the gun back to its owner.

In addition to the Liberator, Defense Distributed wanted to release plans for an AR-15 lower receiver, a complete Beretta M9, and other firearms. They also planned to allow other users to share their own gun designs and gun accessories. However, the downloads on the site have been disabled since a federal judge ordered a temporary stay on the release of the plans, arguing that the release of the plans could help criminals and terrorists get their hands on deadly weapons.

Guttenberg has been notoriously outspoken since his daughter’s tragic death. He famously confronted Marco Rubio during a CNN Town Hall after the shooting and called his action in the aftermath of the shooting “pathetically weak.” He also joined a lawsuit against several other parents to sue gun manufacturers in the aftermath of the mass shooting.