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Parents Are Sharing the Moment They Knew They Wanted More Kids

"When the doctor said, 'You're pregnant.'"


Deciding whether or not to have more kids is a big decision—and a big commitment. Buzzfeed recently asked parents of the BuzzFeed Community when they knew it was time for another little one and the answers ranged from the hilariously relatable to the super sweet.

Some parents said they missed the good parts of having a baby (and forgot about the bad). “I started to miss all of those ‘baby things’ as my daughter grew — the babbles, the toothless smiles, the fat rolls, and the chunky thighs,” one mom wrote, while another joked, “When my son started sleeping through the night, and we both agreed ‘that wasn’t that bad.’ We just forgot.”

One couple even blamed it on the alcohol, saying, “When we were on vacation and had too much wine. Cue the drunken ramblings of, ‘You’re cute, I’m cute, our baby is cute, and we’re so damn good at making babies.”

Then there was the mom who wasn’t afraid to be 100 percent honest about why she wanted a second child. “When my first kid set up a full-on tea party outside of my bathroom door while I was showering because I was her only playmate, we knew it was time for a friend.”

And one woman admitted that she wanted her kid to have the same kind of family support that she had growing up. She explained, “When my grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and my mom and her siblings rallied around each other, I realized I didn’t ever want my child to go through something like that alone.”

But the real winner was the mom who said simply, “When the doctor said, ‘You’re pregnant.'” That’ll do it!