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Parents Are Sharing the Funniest Reasons They Got a Call From Their Kid’s School

"They were caught selling imaginary friends for $1 apiece."


Typically, when a parent gets a call from their child’s school it’s because their kid is either sick or worse, is in trouble. But sometimes those calls come for a completely unexpected—and hilarious—reason. Which is what moms and dads are sharing on a viral Reddit thread that asked parents, “What’s the funniest reason you’ve been called into school to collect your child?”

The question, posted in February on the Ask Reddit channel, has over 3,400 comments so far, as people chime in with their own stories which ranged from the “been there, done that” to the hilarious to the downright bizarre.

Many of the most popular responses were related to bad behavior, like pantsing classmates or saying inappropriate things. And more than a few included tales of forgery, like the woman who said her first-grade son attempted to fake her signature by signing his permission slip with “Mom.” Whoops.

Then there were those who got in trouble for things they didn’t even know they were doing. Like the boy who had trouble with his speech, making his “S’s” sound like “F’s.” Which his mom says made some phrases very R-rated.

Then there was the boy who pretended to be sick… because he needed to fart.

Things got even funnier with the person who shared an experience from their own childhood when their attempt at makeup went very wrong.

But in terms of the most bizarre, one parent said that one of their child’s classmates started a side business of selling imaginary friends to younger kids for money. Talk about entrepreneurial spirit.