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Parents Ruin Kid’s Wrestling Match With All-Out Brawl

Don't be these people.

Slinger Wrestling via Hood Beef/Youtube

Youth sports can bring out the best in kids — teamwork, sportsmanship, dedication — but unfortunately they tend to bring out the worst in parents. Another entry in the youth sports hall of shame comes this week from a youth wrestling match in Wisconsin.

The video, which was posted to YouTube and shared by Golf Digest (of all places), starts with footage of the actual kids, who look to be younger than high schoolers, grappling on the ground. A woman and man kneel on the ground, watching intently, presumably the parents of one of the combatants.

The woman yells something along the lines of “It looks like he got a frickin’ breather” to another woman offscreen, blaming her own son’s loss on the fact that the other kid had a break before (because talking trash about a child is always a good look).

The other woman yells something inaudible and they start bickering when the guy suddenly jumps up and runs over to the second woman. When she appears on screen for the first time he yells “Shut the fuck up!” at her and then it’s off to the races.

With another kid standing dangerously close to them, the man and the second woman, who is wearing red, start pushing and shoving. A half dozen or so adults try to stop the melee as the kids wisely run away. The man is pulled off, but then the original woman (presumably his wife) jumps in to grab the woman in red by the head and pull her down, continuing the altercation.

The fight finally gets broken up, but not before all three parents have endangered those around them and set the worst possible example for their kids. But at least they didn’t yell at the refs.