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Parenting Prank Goes Wrong in Viral Christmas Gift Video

One dad's trash is his daughter's treasure.


Jimmy Kimmel seems like a nice enough dude, but it’s hard to forgive him for making parents—especially influencers and wannabe influencers—to see pulling pranks on their kids as a harmless, funny thing to do. (It’s not.)

That’s what comedian Justice Mojica, known online as LGNDFRVR, tried to do when he gift-wrapped a banana and gave it to his two-year-old daughter for Christmas. Thankfully for us, she countered his cynical move with adorable innocence, getting wildly excited and adorable in the way only a kid can.

As the video starts, Aria Mojica is pumped to be unwrapping a present with her mom and dad. Judging by the tweet below, it seems that her dad’s plan was to capture her disappointment when she finds out that it’s just a normal banana and not a toy. But it seems that he underestimated her passion for presents and produce.

As Aria tears into the wrapping paper and glimpses the peel, she squeals a barely intelligible “Banana!” and looks enraptured by the new world in which she has a banana of her very own.

“Yeah, I happy!” she says when her mom asks.

Mujica told USA Today that the video was an early attempt to use his daughter in the content he and his wife produce.

“We actually hid her face for an entire year, but she has so much personality, even as a baby, that we started filming her because she’s a big ball of good vibes,” he said. “To have my daughter be a part of this now, it’s amazing.”

It’s a weird choice to try to antagonize “a big ball of good vibes” for views, so while dad did end up getting his social media exposure—the video has racked up more than 12 million views—he also got owned by a two-year-old who got to have her banana and eat it too.