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Parents Sleep Training Infant Promise Tequila to Neighbors Disturbed by the Crying

We should all be lucky enough to have neighbors like these.


Sleep training sucks for all but the luckiest of parents, and if said parents live in an apartment building, condominium, or multi-family home sans soundproof walls it probably sucks at least a little bit for their neighbors too. Knowing this, a Charlotte, North Carolina couple wrote a letter to their neighbors warning them about the horrors to come.

“I regret to inform you we have begun sleep training our son,” it reads. “After many sleepless nights thanks to the dreaded 4-month sleep regression we have decided it is time to start the Cry-it-Out method. If you hear the cries please pray for me and know I am also crying and going insane.”

The letter would be great if it were merely a preemptive apology, but the Wards, the “tired and sorry neighbors” who penned the letter, don’t stop there. After outlining the plan for sleep training their son, they reveal a plan to make it up to the neighbors their son’s screams will be disturbing.

“[I]f you start to feel hatred towards us just give us a friendly knock on the door and I will bring you a shot of tequila to mend our neighbor-ship. It’s cheap tequila, but it will calm your nerves. It’s been tested and proven to work by yours truly. Any-how keep us in your prayers and turn the TV volume up.”

We know about this masterstroke of a letter because one of the Wards’ neighbors, an amateur baker, posted it to Twitter in a tweet that has amassed over 1.1 million likes. Unfortunately for the Wards, viral fame can’t be cashed in for a full night’s sleep, but it will make for a nice story to tell their son when he’s older.