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Parents Get So Little Sleep Even The CDC Is Worried About It

If you’re a father, you probably aren’t getting enough sleep and you don’t need the Center For Disease Control to tell you this. Nevertheless, they just did a whole study on it and would like you to know: You need more sleep.

According to Colleen Nugent, the author of the study, the situation is worse for single dads than married ones (or guys without kids, for that matter). “Single parents get less sleep and experience more sleep-related problems than adults in other types of families.” Fifty percent of single parents frequently woke up without feeling well-rested in the past week, compared with 37 percent of dads with partners. Either way, that’s a whole lot of parents working in a fog, which the CDC reckons is a public hazard, given that it likely accounts for some percentage of industrial accidents, trucks drifting off the highway, and botched surgeries.

CDC Report On Parents And SleepCDC

Of course, none of that information is going to keep your infant from needing to eat every 2 hours or your toddler from crawling into your bed at 3 AM if they damn well feel like it. But, if it makes you feel better, mothers have it worse. Within every family type, they have more trouble falling to sleep, report feeling less well rested, and are worse at staying asleep than men. Maybe that’s why yours isn’t interested in cuddling with you anymore.