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These Parents Had the Perfect Response When Daycare Staff Suggested They Dress Their Daughter More Girly

They weren't exactly mad, but that didn't stop them from delivering a solid comeback.

Reddit: Steve Rold

When Steve and Jessica Rold went to pick up their two-year-old son from daycare, they probably weren’t expecting the staff to comment on the way they dressed their newborn daughter. And yet, that is exactly what happened, as the two Danish parents were shocked when it was suggested they dress their daughter to appear more “girly.” But rather than get upset, they decided to mock the ridiculous request with a pretty hysterical photo, which they posted in a now-viral Reddit post.

According to the post, staff members at their son’s daycare suggested they put their daughter in more dresses or put bows in her hair, so that “the other kids would know that she was a girl.” In response, Jessica stuck a post-it note adorned with a bow onto her daughter’s forehead to highlight the absurdity of the suggestion.


According to Babble, the parents mostly dress their daughter in hand-me-downs from their son. Still, they felt like pushback was necessary. The parents both noted that even though their baby daughter is still young enough to be confused with a boy, the things people say about her versus her brother are rather telling.

“We’re already seeing that while our son received compliments like ‘[he’s]such a fine strong boy,’ once people know our second child is female, she gets lots of comments like ‘what a beauty’ or ‘how sweet she is,’” Rold continued.

What’s crazy about the whole thing is that their daughter is still a baby, and babies can’t even recognize themselves in the mirror until they’re around 18-months old.