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Parents Start Massive Fight During Youth Basketball Game

The fight started during a game and poured on to the court.

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A youth basketball game in Las Vegas was unexpectedly interrupted when a group of parents engaged in a massive brawl that ended up on the court. What began as a tense argument between two men escalated when a third man unexpectedly ran in and threw a punch. From there, an all-out melee ensued involving several adults, some of whom came out of the stands to join the action. Officials were forced to temporarily stop the game, which was being played at the Lied Memorial Boys and Girls Club.

The video does not make it clear what exactly started the fight but league officials say they are currently “gathering facts.” The league told local media that if they are able to identify any of the parents involved in the fight they “will be immediately removed and we will press charges. This is in no way the kind of behavior that should ever happen at a child’s game.”

Several parents expressed their frustration with the fight, saying that it was inappropriate for adults to behave that way, particularly with so many kids in close proximity.

“It was scary you know just to know that all those kids around, and how fast the situation escalated… just one second everybody was having fun and the next second it was chaos,” an anonymous parent told 13 Action News. “It was a ‘think fast’ moment because the kids were close. More than anything it was just getting the kids out of the way and then figuring out what was going on.”