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Parents Are Furious After Their Daughters Were ‘Shamed’ for Wearing Tank Tops

"It made them feel sexualized and I think that was wrong."


Parents of high school students in Illinois are enraged after administrators allegedly shamed their daughters for wearing tank tops. Chloe Lynch, along with a dozen other female students at Glenbard East High School, were told that they were violating the school’s dress code policy. According to the students and their parents, the situation was handled inappropriately.

Lynch told Fox8 News that she felt shamed by the school’s handling of the situation. “I was told I should cover up because boys were looking at me,” the teen said. Though the school’s dress code states that “clothing considered to be revealing and does not adequately cover the front, back, side shoulders or midriff is prohibited on males and females”, but parents and students say this rule had previously not been enforced.

“It made students feel uncomfortable,” said one of the students’ parents, Deanna Breen. “It made them feel sexualized and I think that was wrong.” Some students were allegedly given large, bright orange t-shirts to cover up with.

The high school issued a statement in response, saying: “We have been made aware of the social media posts about Glenbard East and the dress code. Unfortunately, the information relayed was not entirely accurate. The post has since been suspended. We continue to work tirelessly to educate all students while maintaining a safe and productive learning environment.”

Regardless of how Glenbard East High School actually handled this incident, similar complaints have arisen in educational settings all across the country, sparking continued conversations around body-shaming in schools.