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The Good (Prince), The Bad (Pokemon Go), And The Ugly (Creed): Google’s Most Searched Terms Of 2016

As a parent, you can relate to Google, because the damn questions never stop. If anything, you bought Alexa just so your kids would ask someone else where babies came from. As they always do at the end of the year, Google put outtheir “Year In Search 2016.” Think of it as the best of the robot overlords.

The Internet is a vast and frightening place and not all of these subjects apply to parents. (Who invited Celine Dion?) But unsurprisingly a lot of them do, confirming that no one is ever really sure what they’re doing. Here’s what moms and dads were typing the following into their algorithm machines the most this year …

The Olympics

The Olympics have always been huge for families, and families have always been huge for the Olympics. That’s probably why super dad Michael Phelps was another top search, along with Female Athlete Of The Year Simone Biles — whose family was kind of a big deal as well.

zika mosquito

Wikimedia Commons


Another excuse to avoid exotic international travel to places like Rio or South Florida. But if you’re like Phelps in more ways than one and can’t avoid this, freeze your swimmers.


If you were googling if it’s cool to like Creed not ironically, no judgement. If dad rock was about being cool, you wouldn’t have had kids. At least it’s not Nickelback.


Prince’s passing was as mind blowing as most things he did. The artist came in at number one for losses, and number 4 for searches overall. Your kid has no idea how much their little red corvette means now.

Marvel And DC Movies

Fellow funny dad Ryan Reynolds took the number one movie slot with Deadpool, but 4 out of 5 of the top movie searches were inspired by comic books. Suicide Squad, Captain America Civil War, and Batman v Superman followed closely, with The Revenant as the only outlier. To be fair, wrestling a bear is a pretty marvel thing to do.

Netflix & Chill

The kids from Stranger Things beat out other streamable shows like Westworld, Luke Cage, Game Of Thrones, and Black Mirror — basically any show your kid can ruin by waking up.

Pokémon Go

Other tech terms made the ranks like the iPhone 7, but Pokémon Go was the most searched overall, and arguably the most parenting specific. Love it or hate it, it’s still and effective way to trick your kid into going outside. Even if you wish it would Pokémon Go away.


While Hillary Clinton and Melania were the number 2 and 4 most searched people respectively, the Donald was the number one person, and number 3 search overall. Because now that he has one big job, it’s important to know what he’s going to do with it. His first order of business? Crushing Pokémon and the iPhone 7 next year.