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Massive Parent Brawl Breaks Out During Youth Softball Game

It started as an argument over balls and strikes, but things quickly escalated into an all-out melee.

YouTube: TimesNewsOline

Parents love watching their kids play sports, and it’s not uncommon for mom or dad to get a little too supportive of young athletes. Usually, the overbearing behavior is annoying but ultimately harmless. Some parents, however, allow their competitive spirit to transform them into complete jackasses who start fights. And that’s exactly what occurred at a youth softball game recently when a group of parents engaged in an all-out melee.

According to the Kingsport Times-News, the fight took place between the parents of two teams from North Carolina, the East Wilkes Cardinals and the Blue Ridge Explosion, who were playing at a 12-and-under softball tournament in Kingsport, Tennessee. Tensions first surfaced when the parents began arguing balls and strikes but quickly escalated. You can see for yourself in the following video, although be warned, it’s extremely loud right off the bat. Nearly everyone involved is screaming at the top of their lung so you’ll want to adjust the volume accordingly.

Punches were eventually thrown but the fight quickly dissolved into the world’s saddest game of twister, as nearly everyone involved ended up rolling around on the ground while vaguely waving their arms around. Some of the most brutal action came from outside the fight’s epicenter, as one mom can be seen throwing several shoes at fighters.

Fortunately, no parents were hurt (or arrested) during the fight. Hopefully, the feeble attempt at an epic base-brawl was worth it for parents, as the two teams were predictably disqualified from the tournament and banned from any future USA Softball Tournaments.