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How To Hack Date Night By Pairing Wine And Girl Scout Cookies

To help you win a date night with nothing but what’s in the wine rack and the cabinet, Vivino just paired each Girl Scout cookie with a wine suggestion. But they’re wine cheerleaders; the folks at Gizmodo are a generally more skeptical bunch, and their take on Vivino’s take is worth considering. Girl Scout season starts in 2 weeks, so make some notes before placing your order and remember: nothing goes with a Savannah Smile.

The Good
Riesling and Trefoils: A classic combination of a sweet slightly acidic white to balance out the fat and butter in a shortbread cookie. A simple, solid pairing that will remind her of how fun you are.

Rioja and Samoas: Rioja is usually a pretty basic table wine, but the right food pairing can make a good wine great. In this case, the Samoa just saved your bottle and she thinks you’re a genius.

Zinfandel and Do-si-dos: The most high-brow peanut butter and jelly ever. You’re a whimsical, irreverent guy and she just remembered how much better she has it than all her friends.


The Bad
Amarone and Tagalongs: The evil twin of the Zinfandel and Do-si-dos pairing above. The tannins in the Amarone do not like the salt in the peanut butter and you’re hilarious dessert idea just blew up in her face.

Brunello and Thin Mints: If she knew what you paid for this relatively unusual Italian red, she would probably cry into her pillow — and that’s before you ruined it with mint. You might as well mix toothpaste and orange juice and save the $60 for use as baby wipes.