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Launch of Digital Paddington Bear Channel Means the Internet Is Good Again

All Paddington. All the time.

We can all agree that HBO Max, Disney+, Peacock, Netflix, and every other streaming service have one weakness in common: not enough Paddington Bear. Thankfully, our long national nightmare is ending with the launch of a brand-new Paddington channel.

Hosted by Dailymotion, the Paddington Bear global channel features clips, compilations, trailers, and behind-the-scenes footage from Paddington and Paddington 2. There will also be content exclusive to the channel, and new videos will be posted every week — not that your Paddington-loving kids mind watching those first two movies over and over again.

The channel is a joint product of Dailymotion and StudioCanal, the production company behind the first two films and the upcoming third in the series, currently scheduled for a January release.

The channel is meant to be “a friendly and kid-safe destination to gather around for the very best Paddington content. Thanks to the great films, plus additional innovative material being created, our aim is to bring to our channel’s content which encapsulates Paddington’s characteristics of fun and kindness!”

At the moment, there are 35 videos on the channel, and while it’s hard for real Paddingtonheads to pick favorites, there are some definite highlights. Consider this clip from Paddington 2, when our hero is immersed in a magical pop-up book of London.

There’s also clever recuts of movie footage like this quiz about Paddington that your kids will doubtlessly ace.

You can visit the Paddington Bear digital channel for yourself at