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Oreos Are Changing the Game With a New Marshmallow Infused Cookie

This is a lot of cookie for a mere mortal and I want you to know that—if you have to— it's okay to avert your gaze, or possibly just faint at the sight of these cookies.

Instagram @JunkBanter

Pour the milk and rejoice, my friends, life has come full circle again. Oreos, arguably the holy grail of snacks, have been around for just over a century and only once before have they decided to add marshmallows into the mix. But for those who adored their 2014 infusion of marshmallow cream and Rice Crispy treats, the wait is finally over. Their new limited run of Rocky Road Trip cookies will actually include nuts and, you guessed it, tiny bits of marshmallow.

The news comes as a bit of a surprise. The cookie gods over at Oreo had initially led fans of the treat to believe that the Rocky Road Trip run wouldn’t hit the shelves until later this Fall. But, alas, they’re actually dropping on Monday, July 23. You can tell that the folks over at Nabisco —the brilliant minds behind the 106-year-old cookie— weren’t playing any games and wanted almost everyone to be able to enjoy the new cookie. Those with nut allergies can celebrate, as the new run will emulate the almond flavor with soy nuts.

“I think Oreo hit it out of the park, honestly,”  wrote one elated food blogger, “offering some firsts with marshmallow bits in the cookie and soy nut inclusions to emulate those almonds.”

While this cookie’s predecessor used marshmallow creme, this next run is actually using chunky marshmallow bits, Lucky Charms style. It’s not totally clear when the run will end, but the new flavor is guaranteed to for a limited time only. That being the case, you should disappoint each of the kids in your neighborhood and buy all of them immediately.