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Online Fan Theory Says Area 51 Is a Secret American Wizarding School and We’re Totally Convinced

Sounds legit.

X51/Flickr; Warner Bros

Ah, internet memes. What once was a way to pass the time at work how now evolved into a plan to storm a government facility. Earlier this month, an event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us” was created by meme page “Shitposting cause im in shambles” and a Twitch video game streamer named SmyleeKun. The event, which was intended a gag, instructed attendees to fly to Nevada on September 20 and break into Area 51, the famously secretive US military facility said to house alien technology.

But because internet memes often don’t come with an explanation of satire, vulnerable people sometimes take them seriously. In the case of “Storm Area 51”, the post gained attention after a Twitter user posted the event with the caption, “Who’s down???”. The event now has over 1 million RSVPs on Facebook from similarly gullible people.

But now, a new theory emerges. “Oh my god, I just realized something,” Tumblr user nerdypotatoharrypotter writes. “Area 51 is probably just the American Wizarding School. Aliens is the perfect cover story. That’s not an alien they found it’s a fucking house elf.”

People are super down with this idea, particularly Harry Potter fans.  “Nah it’s a wizarding zoo, hence the ‘aliens,'” one user replied to the posts’ Reddit thread. Don’t give JK any ideas please” another said, referring to the author of the famous series, JK Rowling. “No, it’s not the school,” claimed one reply. “It’s the place where the US government is studying magic and magical creatures in hopes of weaponizing them.” Honestly, at this point, no theory is too absurd.

Area 51. America Wizard School from harrypotter