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Online Tool Will Help You Relocate To Cities That Will Pay You Cold, Hard Cash

You could get up to $16,000 in incentives just for moving to certain cities.

The pandemic has made working from home the new normal and even as we slowly make our return to normal, for many, remote work seems to be here to stay. And if you are among those who no longer have to live in an expensive, major city for work, you might be thinking of relocating to a new, mysterious location.

If that is the case, you should know that there are dozens of cities that are offering thousands of dollars in incentives in order to encourage remote workers to choose them as their new home. You can see these unbelievable offers on an online directory that helps potential movers find cities that are willing to help pay for their relocation. currently has 37 listings on its website, allowing users to explore each of the cities listed, including how much money you could receive to move there. Different cities offer different types of incentives for relocation, through tax credits, homebuying allowances, and even cash incentives.

For example, the southwest region of Michigan is willing to offer new residents a $15,000 forgivable grant with the purchase of a new home in certain zip codes, while Tulsa, Oklahoma has a grant relocation program where recipients receive $10,000 and a co-working space membership. Augusta, Maine is willing to give recent grads who move to the New England state tax credits to a total of over $15,000. Montpelier, Vermont, will give people $10,000 in straight-up cash to move to the beautiful state to a total incentive of $15,000. (Sign me up!)

Now, we don’t recommend moving your life just because someone will give you money to do it — but if you’re looking for a nudge in the right direction, or have long-dreamed of escaping to, say, Michigan, figuring out that you could get money up to $16,000 to do it might just sweeten the deal a little bit.

If you end up scrolling through the options and don’t find a spot you’d like to relocate to, you can try the “Design Your Own” feature, which allows you to list your ideal location and relocation package. MakeMyMove cofounder Evan Hock says that his team will then talk to local economic development programs to see if they can create new relocation opportunities based on demand. Manifest your new reality!