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Find Which Olympic Body Type Matches Your Dad Bod With This Handy Tool

Since Michael Phelps insists he’s retiring, the Olympics has at least one slot open for a dad (maybe 2, if you’re short). While that’s not how the games work per se, a guy can dream. And now you can do that while you’re awake and perhaps at work, with The BBC’s Olympic Body Matcher — or dad bod matcher, if you prefer to pronounce it that way.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 8.57.19 PM

The tool uses data from over 10,500 athletes obtained from the official Olympic Data Feed (ODF), a resource with some intense terms and requirements. (Read “YOU MUST LEAVE THIS WEB SITE NOW” in your best Schwarzenegger voice.) All you have to do is enter your height, weight, and date of birth and robot overlords determine your Olympian match using a mathematical technique known at Euclidean distance. Just be sure to enter in the day before the month, because this match-maker is British and wont let you into the Olympics otherwise.


Once this is entered correctly, the dad bod matcher calculates which athletes you’re closest too based on height and weight, along with breaking down how many athletes you share a birthday with. Your birthday is also used to break any ties, in case your body type is too popular among Olympians to narrow it down to a top 3. Whether you have the body of a greek god or greek diner, there’s an Olympic athlete out there for everyone … even if yours happens to be more “hammer throw” than “swimmer.”

[H/T] The BBC

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