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Old Man Schools Young Opponent In One-On-One Basketball Game

You're going to want to steal this brilliant trick for yourself.

Twitter: Trevor Luznak

Not since Uncle Drew has an old-timer taken it to the hoop quite like this. They may say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but one old man recently demonstrated otherwise, using an ingenious trick shot to make a fool out of his younger opponent during a one-on-one basketball game.

The man begins the play as many old men are apt to do, by dribbling the ball poorly toward the rim while getting zero pressure from a young defender. As always, the setup is designed to lure the overconfident youngster into a state of complacency. And it works exactly as planned.

As the man reaches the post, without warning he begins his trick. He sets the ball on the ground and quickly pretends to shoot a hook shot, duping the young man into turning his back on him while he grabs the ball from the ground. By the time the bamboozled defender is able to make sense of what’s going on (mind you, it does happen a bit in slow motion), the old wizard tosses a no-look hook shot and nonchalantly walks away as everyone loses their damn minds over the sorcery they just witnessed.

And fortunately for the internet, the entire thing was caught on video. Now players everywhere can study the move and hopefully add it to their own bag of basketball trick shots. Unsurprisingly, the clip, which was uploaded onto Twitter courtesy of Trevor Luznak, has gone viral and has been viewed more than half a million times in a little over 13 hours.