A Team Of Dentists Take An Official Stand Against ‘Office Cake Culture’

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You know it, you eat it, you have a complicated relationship with it: It’s office cake, and according to a position statement from the Royal College of Dental Surgeons in the UK, it’s public health enemy number one. If a group of British dentists didn’t already sound oxymoronic enough, their strong stance against “cake culture” might strike you as regular moronic.

office birthday cupcake

The dental school’s unwelcomed advice mostly argues that maintaining a healthy lifestyle in a sedentary office environment where most rewards revolve around food isn’t exactly a piece of cake. And in more “no shit” news, the rise of cake culture makes this even harder. Unfortunately, their concerns about obesity and diabetes in the UK aren’t exactly unfounded (and don’t even get them started on the US). Research shows that too much sugar isn’t just bad for your dad bod, it’s bad for your dad brain. Which may sort of explain why you can’t remember to eat a damn salad.

sliced up birthday cake

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Still, it’s understandable if their sweet talk makes you a bit bitter. Hell, if the thought of having your office cake taken away doesn’t turn you into a full-fledged anti-dentite, few things will. (Otherwise, you have to admit Elaine was onto something.) Rest assured that no one is doing that (yet), this is merely a recommendation. And if they do, there’s always office pie.

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