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Obama Plays Football and Softball With Students at an After-School Program

He also delivered some inspiring words for the kids.

Nats Youth Baseball Academy

This week, Barack Obama surprised a group of students by attending an after-school program at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy in Washington D.C. and not only did he spend some time with the kids, he even ended up playing some softball with them.

And while Obama described his own game as “raggedy”, he managed to hold his own when he stepped up to the plate and hit a double. The former President played some football with the kids as well and when he threw a touchdown to one of the students, he said he was glad to see the other students celebrating the kid who caught it instead of him.

“That for me is an indication that the staff is doing something right, that they celebrated the young man and not the president,” he said.

Along with showing off his athletic skills, Obama took the time to deliver a pep talk for the students, encouraging them to always do their best.

“If you work hard and listen to your coaches . . . I’m going be on the lookout for you,” Obama said. “You’re going to do something important. You’re going to make a real difference, and we’re going to be proud of you.”

Tal Alter, the executive director at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy, said that the visit was a thrill for the students.

“There was a feeling of excitement and happiness to be seen and recognized by President Obama, and to feel like he’s acknowledging the hard work they’ve put in on and off the field,” Alter said.