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Nutella M&M’s Are Coming!

Don't even try and act like this doesn't sound delicious.


There aren’t very many folks who would argue that Nutella is anything but delicious on every food that requires a spread and even a few that don’t. Now, having been inspired by the iconic treat, M&M’s announced that it will be introducing a hazelnut flavor of the popular candy in early 2019.

This is no small thing. M&M’s remain one of the most beloved candies of all time and now they’re fusing with one of the most popular dessert flavors. Never forget that French parents started fistfights and a riot the last time Nutella was discounted in mass. In fact, the food is so popular that by themselves, the French eat over 100 million jars of the stuff every year.

Even though the announcement of the flavor is already getting people excited, it’s worth noting that the new M&M’s won’t be using actual Nutella. Still, a review from the folks over at PEOPLE seems to confirm that the newest flavor is absolutely delicious.

“They are very Nutella-esque,” they noted. “That familiar nutty flavor hits you almost immediately—perhaps packing even more of a hazelnut punch than the actual stuff.”

M&M fans know that there are already plenty of interesting flavors to choose from, including pumpkin spice, white chocolate candy corn, and strawberried peanut butter flavor—just to name a few. Granted, most of those flavors are seasonal or discontinued at this point, but the company has also announced that they’ll be releasing five new chocolate bars around the same time as the hazelnut spread flavor as well. So even if you’re that one on a million person who can pass on the hazelnut elixir, there’s something for you