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These Nurses Stepped In After This Girl’s Father Was Arrested

A true act of kindness.


Darius Hinkle had a very good reason for speeding: his one-year-old daughter was choking on a penny. So when the Illinois dad was arrested for numerous traffic violations outside of Touchette Regional Hospital, a group of nurses pitched in to bail him out of jail.

According to mom Donecia Pittman, who was in the car with Hinkle and their daughter, they were trailed by multiple patrol cars on the way to the hospital and were confronted as soon as they arrived. “I got out, put my hands up and I yelled, and I told the police, ‘My baby is choking.’ And I told them multiple times that she was choking,” Pittman said to KTVI. “They were just worried about the fact that we were speeding.”

Hinkle, who was immediately taken into custody, admitted to the news station that he was both speeding over 100 miles per hour and driving without a valid license but that “the first thing in my mind was to get her to the hospital.”

After their toddler was treated and released, Pittman went to the jail to pay Hinkle’s bail. But when she got there, she was more than surprised to find some of the nurses from the hospital already there. Pittman then learned that the nurses had all pitched in money to bond the dad out of jail.

The exact amount of the bond that the nurses paid has not been released but Pittman is grateful to the nurses who helped out her family. “I can’t thank them enough,” the mom told KTVI.