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The Favorite Bedtime Stories Of Bill Gates, Tony Robbins, And Other Influential Dads

Research has shown that reading reduces dementia, decreases stress, and can even increase longevity. But can reading give your kid something in common with Bill Gates’s kids? You’re damn right it can. And NPR’s Storybook Project has figured out exactly what those books are, so the rest of the world’s great and powerful parents (including you) can get on the same page.

The project features fellow influential fathers like Gates, Tony Robbins, musician Jack Johnson, actor/director Mark Duplass and more who make their offsprings’ personal libraries an open book. Johnson’s kids adored Good Night, Gorilla so much when they were young, they wore out the corners. The Duplass family are huge fans of Gertrude McFuzz from the Seuss classic Yertle The Turtle And Other StoriesAnd those saps Bill and Melinda Gates read Love You Foreverand creep their kids out by crying every time (Melinda’s words).


Perhaps most surprising is that Tony Robbins favorite children’s book isn’t just a fiery path of hot coals — it was Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. And if these classics are already on your kid’s shelf, there are plenty more where this came from. The Tumblr (that’s Millennial for “blog”) even lets parents can even upload their own book selections. It’s at least one thing you have in common with one of the country’s richest dads.