North Carolina School Attempts Drop-Off Traffic Solution, With Hilarious Results

The morning drop-off wait isn't going away anytime soon.


A school in Monroe, North Carolina stumbled upon a cure for the morning drop-off gridlock when they implemented a double car lane system. Well, they thought they did. As video of the daily herding shows, it didn’t take long for the drop-off blues to be solidified as an inevitability.

Most parents would agree that dropping their kids off at school is, more often than it isn’t, a hellish nightmare. Not because spending an extra half-hour in the car with their tots doesn’t sound great, but because no one wants to sit in a car for that long in the morning.

That being said, the initial reason behind Unionville Elementary School changing up the drop-off system actually has nothing to do with parents or their suffering: It was really just an attempt to stop a local highway from getting backed up every morning. The two-lane solution seemed viable for a whopping 30 minutes, but the drone footage of the drop-off shows the line spiraling out of control again a little after 7 AM, right into the highway. Oops.

The school’s failed attempt probably reminded parents of a tried-and-true rule: sometimes, no change is better than having hope put in your hands then ripped away. They’ll have plenty of time to think about that while they wait in life for drop-off tomorrow morning.