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The Nissan Versa Is The Cheapest Family Sedan Of 2017


Back in 2009 Nissan made their cheapest car, the Versa sedan, even more affordable when they infamously dropped the price to $10,000, but there was a catch. Or rather, catches — they took away automatic locks and windows, the radio, the air conditioning, and the clock, because who needs to know what time it is when you’re sweating through traffic in that cash saver? You may have not been ready to buy the car equivalent of dad jeans back then, but the new, improved 2017 model is here just in time for you to give up (and save up!).

Nissan Versa Sedan Is The Cheapest Car Of 2017

The 2017 Nissan Versa sedan’s asking prices is slightly more than it used to be ($12,825) but it’s still the most inexpensive new car in America. The good news is that this time the base price will get you air conditioning, the bad news is you still have to crank the damn windows while wondering what year it is. It also comes with a 5-speed manual transmission, power mirrors, and a 4-speaker stereo with Bluetooth and steering-wheel audio controls for when your kid screams “No, not that Kidz Bop album!” Unfortunately the driver’s seat is not height adjustable, so don’t even think about that mid-40s growth spurt.

giphy (34)

If you’re not much of a manual man, several slightly more expensive models feature automatic transmission and cruise control, among other features: The S Plus ($14,825), SV ($16,415) and SL ($17,975), which are still pretty cheap options for letting fellow drivers know you don’t care about looking cool anymore. (Don’t worry, they’ll get there one day too.) It’s important to note that the 2016 version doesn’t a differ a ton from the 2017 one, so if you’re looking for extra savings consider shopping for a used version. Because if there’s anything more humbling than driving the speed limit in a sedan, it’s doing it in a butt imprint of another dad.

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