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Nintendo’s Mini Super NES Classic Is Now Available For Pre-order

Time to bust out all the cheat codes to try to snag one.

Well, that didn’t take long. Pre-orders for the highly anticipated Nintendo Super NES Classic Edition went on sale last night on Amazon and Best Buy and were sold out within minutes. Fans have been expecting pre-orders for Nintendo’s latest shrunk-down system to start any day, per a press release from Nintendo, but the exact date and time remained a mystery.

It still does, but with two of Nintendo’s six listed retailers having already gone live, many are expecting the flood gates to open today. Target, Walmart, GameStop, and Toys ‘R Us could begin selling the $80 version the popular ’90s Super NES at any time. If you want one, best to start refreshing your browser now.

Despite last summer’s gangbuster release of the NES Classic ⏤ a mini version of Nintendo’s iconic gaming system that came with 30 pre-loaded games ⏤ the company weirdly decided to stop production earlier this year. In its place, the company announced it would roll out a mini-version of the Super Nintendo. The cartridge-free system looks just like original and comes with two controllers (as opposed to the NES Classic, which shipped with one) and 21 pre-loaded games. Included are all your favorites like Super Punch-Out!!, Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter II, and Super Mario Kart. Sadly, there’s no NHL ’94 for all the old timers who want to make little Gretzky’s head bleed. But fans are jazzed about the inclusion of a never-before-released version of Star Fox 2. So, there’s that?

All of it, again, assumes you can get your hands on one. The SNES Classic is scheduled to release on September 29, but you can check the Nintendo website for pre-order links to all six retailers.

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