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Nintendo Announces When NES Classic and SNES Classic Will Hit Shelves Again

The classic systems will be available for purchase this summer.


After promising the products would return last year, Nintendo announced the release date for their reissued NES Classic and SNES Classic. Come June 29th fans of the classic game systems will be able to buy them in stores all across the US.


The NES Classic, a cartridge-free version of their very first system, was one of the most sought-after toys of 2017. But, after its initial run last November sold out before most could even get in line, Nintendo never restocked. The company cited vague production issues and said would let eager shoppers know when new systems would be ready. Nintendo made up for the delay by releasing the SNES Classic, a miniature version of their second system that also came preloaded with original games. Still, people demanded the original NES, and now that demand is being met.

The nearly impossible-to-get NES Classic boasts 30 built-in games including Donkey KongDouble Dragon II, and Mario Brothers. It connects to the TV using HDMI, offers multiple graphics modes, and comes with one controller ⏤ although, it’s also compatible with select Wii controllers if you have any of those in a box somewhere.

The SNES Classic is the same hardware updated for Super Nintend. Included in the SNES Classic are such games as Super Punch-Out!!Legend of Zelda, Street Fighter II, and Super Mario Kart. Sadly, there’s no NHL ’94 for all the old timers who want to make little Gretzky’s head bleed.

 Even though there was a massive delay in restocking the systems, it’s no shock that Nintendo wanted to re-issue the mini consoles. Even in the modern era of powerful gaming machines like the PS4 or Xbox One, the NES and SNES still remain the second and third highest selling game consoles of all time, selling 61.9 million and 49.1 million units respectively. So, when June 29th rolls around, it might be a good idea to get in line early.