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How a Ninja Warrior Dad Takes His Ninja Warrior Daughter to a Party

Do not try this at home.

They say getting there can be half the fun. That may not be true for any parent who’s had to put a crying kid into a car seat, but it seems accurate for ninja master Ruel DaCosta and his parkour prodigy daughter. In a recently uploaded video, Ruel, who you may vaguely recognize from UK Ninja Warrior a couple years back, has to get his eight-year-old daughter Jada to a friend’s birthday party. Driving may have been the most practical choice, but then it wouldn’t be a video on the internet, so they opt to parkour across town instead.

Along the way, both show off their impressive jumping and flipping skills, effortlessly leaping over fences and walls without a second of hesitation. In one particularly “how the hell did they do that” moment, Jada does a cartwheel off a piece of wood pressed against a wall while Ruel simultaneously runs on the wall and over Jada. Eventually, Ruel is able to get Jada to the party and heads back home to get some much-needed rest and relaxation, when he suddenly realizes his son was also supposed to go to the party. So he does what any good dad would do. He puts his son on his back and begins the whole journey all over again.

It’s an impressive video and it’s cool that Ruel passed on something he’s so clearly passionate about. Given how many awesome tricks she can do at just eight years old, one can only imagine the crazy shit she’ll be able to do as she grows older. Just don’t get any bright ideas about flipping your way through town the next time your daughter needs a ride to a birthday party, as that will almost assuredly end with her having to skip the party so she can get her old man to the hospital.