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Nicki Minaj Spent Just as Much Clothes On Her Baby As You Did — Just Kidding

Actually they were gifted to her. $1,200 worth of clothes!

Nicki Minaj/Instagram

On July 20, Nicki Minaj revealed via Instagram that she was expecting. And she announced the news in the most elaborate way possible, with a several-photo spread to celebrate. In the first photo, she smiles and holds her belly, captioning the image simply, “#Preggers.” Other stars like Katy Perry, who’s also expecting a child soon, a girl, commented on the photo, “Selfishly hoping for a girl so we can trade outfits.”  So, how much money does Nicki spend on baby clothes? Is she going to just stick to clothing swaps with Katy Perry? She’s going to keep this pretty humble, right? Well…it turns out Minaj was gifted at least as much as you spent on baby clothes. And then some.

Following the news, Burberry got to work and quickly gifted the Grammy Award-nominee a slew of opulent baby clothes so Minaj’s kid will be swaddled in head-to-toe designer from birth. The next day, in an Instagram video, posted this week, Minaj showed off the collection that she received, including several unisex plaid jumpsuits, a teddy bear, and a presumably very cozy blanket made out of Merino wool. She personally thanked Riccardo Tisci, the Chief Creative Officer at Burberry for the gear, writing, “@riccardotisci17 love you so much. Thank you.” In total, she was gifted around $1,200 worth of baby items, according to Hollywood Life. I don’t know about you, but that’s a heck of a lot of money for baby clothes! 

Nicki Minaj is super successful and rich, so the news of her receiving and eventually dressing her baby in fancy clothes isn’t exactly groundbreaking. And Minaj has every right to enjoy the splendors that she’s worked hard for. She’s in a position that basically allows her to do anything she wants, from announcing that she was retiring from music to focus on family last year, to giving her kid a Burberry teddy bear and clothes that could in all likelihood just get ruined with spit-up like any other parent, to her recent collaboration with A$AP Ferg (so we can presume she’s quit on retirement).

Look, baby clothes cost a lot of money. A lot. A family could definitely go through $1,200 for clothes early on in infancy and toddlerhood, but not so much because they’re spending top dollar on designer. It’s more likely because kids grow and outgrow clothes super fast. Blink and your kid’s basically outgrown what you bought a few months ago. And of course clothes is not all that parents’ need to worry about—diapers alone cost a pretty penny. You might not be splurging on a Burberry onesie anytime soon, but we can probably all agree that baby clothes are just way too expensive.