Nickelodeon Will Turn Your TV Into A 90s Nostalgia Machine With ‘The Splat’

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Just a couple weeks ago, rumors were swirling that Nickelodeon was considering bringing back some of their classic kids shows from the 80s and 90s. Last weekend, that swirl has become a full-force nostalgia hurricane that tore through America’s refuse-to-grow-up heartland of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, with collateral damage including Salt-N-Pepa getting “slimed” at an event called “90s Fest.” That’s according to Twitter, because apparently Kurt Loder wasn’t available.

All this wistful mayhem is centered around “The Splat” – which though not yet officially announced, appears to be a platform for Nickelodeon to bring back many of its animated classics. Already revealed are things like a Twitter account featuring imagery from Hey Arnold!, CatDog and Rugrats promoted with “#TheSplatIsComing” and an official website that provides about as much useful info as watching Ren and Stimpy learn how Chihuahuas and cats interact in nature.

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Exactly what it all means is still decidedly up in the air, but at least one “insider” claims The Splat will be a block of classic Nick animation shows that will join the TV network’s schedule as soon as next month. That’s right, honey. Turn off that educational PBS programming. Daddy wants to watch Nickelodeon.

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