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Nickelodeon Teases Millennials, Considers Bringing Back The Shows They Grew Up On

Not to be outdone by Netflix, which has been scoring more nostalgia points lately than a guy wearing a Body Count t-shirt to Lollapalooza, Nickelodeon just announced it will explore rebooting some of its kids programming from the 80s and 90s. Now that kids who grew up on Hey Arnold!, Rugrats, and You Can’t Do That On Television have kids of their own, the original commercial kids network figures the way to a new generation of viewers is through their parents’ fond memories of totally not educational programming.

As for what, exactly, Nickelodeon plans to do with its oldies, it’s not clear. According to Variety, the network is considering expanding them into new formats like movies or one-off specials. However they go about it, millennial parents will no doubt leap at the opportunity to sneer at Dora or SpongeBob while telling their kids, “This is what a real cartoon looks like.”

Still, Nick isn’t playing all its cards so close to the vest. Fans of the popular 90s series Kenan And Kel can see Kel Mitchell in the new show Game Shakers, which debuts September 12. Because, even if his friendship with Kenan Thompson is no more, themes about bullies, homework, and mystery lunch meat are forever.