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The Sopranos: The Next Generation? New Mob Series Has Major Talent Behind It

Terence Winter and Nicholas Pileggi know how to tell mafia stories.

Warner Bros. Television

Americans never seem to get tired of mafia drama, so the news that Nicholas Pileggi and Terence Winter, two men who are behind some of the most beloved mob titles of all time are teaming up for a new mob series is excellent news for those of us who’ve seen The Godfather more times than we can count.

Pileggi wrote the books that inspired the screenplays for Goodfellas and Casino, movies he co-wrote with Martin Scorsese. Pileggi began his career as a journalist, working as a crime reporter for over 30 years before Scorsese approached him about turning his book Wiseguy into a movie.

Winter wrote 19 episodes of The Sopranos, produced many more, and also created Boardwalk Empire. He’s also developing a TV series based on The Batman with director Matt Reeves for HBO Max.

Details are the show are scant — it doesn’t even have a title yet  — but Deadline reports that the show will be based on Pileggi’s in-depth chronology of organized crime in America, possibly from the perspective of the Genovese crime family, the oldest and largest of the Five Families.

Pileggi and Winter will have a lot of material to work with, as the Genovese family, formerly known as the Luciano family, has been operating in the United States since the 1890s. It’s still active today.

Brian Grazer, producer on everything from A Beautiful Mind (for which he won an Oscar) to Arrested Development to Splash, is also attached the project which, unfortunately, doesn’t yet have a public timetable for release.