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Jimmy Kimmel Live! Interviewed LA and NYC Kids to See Which City Is Smarter

Best Coast vs. Beast Coast: the metropolis rivalries extend to children.


If you live in either city, you know that there will always be a palpable animosity between people from New York and people from Los Angeles. So it’s not surprising that the rivalry goes all the way down to kids, as Jimmy Kimmel Live! found out when it sent our interviewers to ask kids which city is smarter.

When the interviewer asked one child to explain why people in LA were smart, she noted that people from the City of Angels know “a lot about shopping,” which might be true, but is also a hard claim to make about each of the whopping 2,324,837 kids in Los Angeles County.

Some of the best responses, however, were to the question “What is the smartest thing you know?” A little girl in LA told the interviewer that she felt smart for telling people that a tomato was a fruit, before learning that “everyone knows that now.” Never mind the fact that adults can’t agree about that fact, anyway.

The New York City answer to the same question was very indicative of the perceived arrogance of New Yorkers, specifically with knowing everything about everything: “Everything. Houses, tables, people,” the children replied. All broad strokes, but all valid as well. A different New York child smugly replied, “New York. Duh!” Short, and to the point.

Kids from the Big Apple also doubled down on their cheeky attitude when asked if they could name all the planets. One of the New York kids simply said “New York,” as if it were the center of the known galaxy. A little boy from LA got big laughs from his answer to the same question, however: “Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Uranus, ‘butt’ not the planet,”

Kimmel didn’t offer a verdict on the question himself, but based on the interviews, the kids in both cities are alright. Let’s keep this rivalry going forever.