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The Kids Are Gonna Start Playing Ball Again

Cuomo says youth sports are coming back in NY. Here's what it means for everyone else.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced some good news for parents everywhere on Sunday, when he said that some youth sports could start up again as early as July. While not all youth sports will be open to the public, low-risk sports like baseball, softball, gymnastics, field hockey, cross country and crew could resume starting July 6 in regions of New York State that have hit Phase Three of Cuomo’s reopening plan. Those all outdoor sports can resume under the condition that only two fans per kid playing (say, mom and dad) can go to the events.

Most regions in New York State haven’t hit Phase Three. New York City is currently under Phase One, which allows retail stores to start curbside or in-store pick-up service, construction and manufacturing to resume, and the MTA resuming at 95% of its operating schedule with masks for ridership required. New York City, one of the epicenters of the pandemic in the country, was the last region in the state to open up to Phase One.

Many regions across the state have already entered Phase 2: Albany, the Syracuse area, Rochester-Finger Lakes, Mohawk Valley, and more, now allow outdoor dining, hair salons to open, in-store shopping, office-based jobs, and real estate services to open. 

While the city is far from a Phase 3, some regions that have hit Phase 2 can expect to load off the kids at soccer practice or at soccer games every once in a while. Cheers to that! 

But, what it means for the rest of the country is unclear. After all, every state has their own reopening plans and are at different stages of combating the coronavirus pandemic. Some states have already gone full-speed ahead on their own reopening plans, despite rising cases, while others will remain locked down for the foreseeable future.