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The New York Public Library Has A Book Roller Coaster For Reading Instead Of Riding

YouTube / Gothamist

If you happen to take your kid to the New York Public Library, you could find yourself yelling, “It’s book … It’s a train … It’s a roller coaster?!” As much as librarians hate that, it’s kind of their fault for installing their new conveyer system that has been compared to all of the above. But if “conveyer system” doesn’t seem to do it justice after it convinces your kid books are cool, then you can just call it awesome.

After being closed for repairs and restoration for 2 years, the NYPL’s historic Rose Main Reading Room opens on October 5, complete with a book-coaster (or whatever your kid’s calling it). According to the press release, it has 24 individual red cars and 950 feet of track that move books at 75 feet per minute — adding up to the wildest ride in the history of book depositories (sorry, Library Of Congress!). And it doesn’t matter how tall or tiny you and your kid are, no one is allowed to ride it.

Designed by architects at Gensler, each car can transition from horizontal to vertical motion automatically, which is more than you can say for your kid. They also only take 5 minutes to go from the Milstein Stacks, 27 feet below ground, to the Rose Main Reading Room on the third floor, which is more than you can say for yourself. It may not be as exciting as a regular roller coaster, but it’s a little more exciting than regular reading. Sure, it cost a cool $2.6 million, but research shows if kids are around enough books, they’ll make that back in no time. At that rate, it might be worth a trip to the Big Apple.

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