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New York Parents Sue Son for Refusing to Move Out

According to the lawsuit, they've given him several requests to move out.


A couple from Camillus, New York is suing their 30-year-old son for not moving out of their house despite the fact that he’s received five separate notices from them regarding his looming eviction. Michael Rotondo, the son, tells a slightly different story. He’s pushing up against the suit by saying that he legally wasn’t given enough notice and is calling the lawsuit “retaliatory.”

In a court filing, it’s alleged that not only does Rotondo not pay any rent but that he doesn’t help out with any of the chores at home. What’s worse is his parent described him as “disrespectful.” Regardless, per local Syracuse ABC News affiliate both parents agreed to help him get on his feet independently by giving him money and teaching him how to sell items he doesn’t use. Still, he doesn’t seem to be interested.

While the neighbors have lamented what’s been happening to the family, some of them seem to think that Rotondo is being a little bit ridiculous. (Editor’s note: he is)

The litigation involved in this case is absurd, but the circumstance is not. A 2017 Pew study concluded that more adults are living at home with their parents for longer periods of time. In 2016, 15 percent of Millennials aged 25- to 35-year-old lived in their parents’ home. That’s more than it was for members of Generation X, where that figure hovered around 10 percent. 

The Rotondo is scheduled to go to court again later this month where Rotondo hopes to have the lawsuit thrown out. He’ll be 31-years-old by the time that happens.