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Take 100 Pounds Off Your DadBod By Eating Pizza Every Day

Presumably, you were crushed to learn a few weeks ago that science identified the world’s most addictive food and it’s your beloved pizza. Now for some good news: Just like you could theoretically lose weight with a daily cocaine habit, you might be able to do the same with a diet consisting of mostly pizza. It apparently worked for this guy, who claims to have lost over 100 pounds — and he has the before and after photos to prove it.

Pascuale Cozzolino isn’t an impartial participant in the pizza war. He comes from Naples, where they basically invented the stuff (whatever, Gaeta, no one cares), and he’s a professional chef. So, when he decided that 370 pounds was a little much, and that being too fat to play with his kid was way too much, he set out to get fit — by making himself a pizza every day. The trick, apparently, is to make your own dough and let it ferment for 36 hours so the yeast can eat most of the sugar and convert it to complex carbs. Then you top it with nothing but crushed tomatoes, fresh mozz and basil and you have yourself a 600 calorie lunch.

Cozzolino lost 100 pounds on a pizza dietNew York Post: Brian Zak

According to Cozzolino, if you stick to multigrain cereal for breakfast, and protein and wine (the guy’s Italian, what did you expect?) for dinner, and you’ll be rolling around with Junior in no time. Get yourself back to your college weight and you might be rolling around with the wife, too

[H/T] New York Post